The ENQUIRER reports in exclusive cover story that LINDSAY LOHAN is more than GONE – she’s FAR gone and may be heading for the last round-up.

Lindsay Lohan continued her downward spiral of self-destructive behavior when she was busted for allegedly slugging another woman in a New York hotspot – and now pals of the troubled actress are saying there is only one thing that can save her!

In the latest issue of The ENQUIRER, we reveal the drastic steps that those close to Lindsay, 26, say she needs to take or risk becoming another Hollywood tragedy.

‘The problem is that she surrounds herself with users and ‘yes’ people, including her own mother,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.  "They’re nothing but phonies and takers – and they’re letting her run wild!”

Disturbingly, the latest arrest of the “Mean Girls” star came after sources claim she’d been guzzling up to two bottles of vodka a day.

Adding to her problems, Lindsay – who already has a long rap sheet — is facing jail time for allegedly lying to police about an L.A. car crash in June.

What’s more, her finances are in shambles with the IRS hounding her to pay a whopping $250,000 in back taxes. And her performance as screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in the recent TV flick Liz and Dick was panned by critics.

Meanwhile, her behavior is growing more and more erratic, with one source saying she’s pulling out clumps of her hair and talking to herself constantly.

Only The ENQUIRER has the answer to how this train wreck of a celebrity can finally get back on track. It’s a sad tale, but one you won’t want to miss! ON SALE NOW!