As the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s death nears, The ENQUIRER reveals the secret life of assassin LEE HARVEY OSWALD’s reclusive widow – including the FIRST photo of her to be published in 25 years!

Marina was a dark-haired Russian beauty and separated from Oswald on that fateful day in Dallas – but she snapped an iconic photo of her estranged husband holding the mail-order rifle he used to shoot the president.

Just through her association with Oswald, a former Marine she’d met in the Soviet Union, Marina became one of the most reviled women in America.

She has since shunned the spotlight, but The ENQUIRER launched an exhaustive investigation that sheds light on the life of the now 72-year-old grandmother.

We talked to her neighbors in the rural Texas town of Rockwell and paint a dramatic picture of a woman who was branded by events beyond her control and torn by contradictions.

In the riveting expose, we reveal the stunning reason why she now believes Oswald didn’t kill JFK.

We also tell how she finally won the affections of her neighbors and other details of her life and place in history. It’s a fascinating story, one you surely won’t want to miss. So pick up the latest issue of The ENQUIRER – on newsstands now!