As the death toll continues to climb in the aftermath of the monster Washington state mudslide, a tiny miracle offers a beacon of light during this terribly dark time.

Brave 4-year-old Jacob Spillers was half-buried in mud and debris after a 135-foot-wide hillside crashed into his family’s home in the battered community of Oso on March 22. But his blonde hair was spotted by heroic, sharp-eyed rescuers, who plucked him from the muck virtually unscathed.

The ENQUIRER brings you the complete story of the daring rescue, including dramatic photos of the muddy, tow-headed boy being shepherded to safety by a courageous helicopter crew.

Sadly, Jacob’s sister was killed, and his father and two other siblings remained missing in the ruble. In a touching plea, Jacob’s mom Jonielle – who was at work away from the house when the killer mudslide struck – asks for your prayers “even if you don’t believe in God,” adding, “I do…I have a 4-year-old miracle for proof.”

The ENQUIRER not only brings this poignant account of heartbreak and hope to you but also lists ways you can help little Jacob and his family, as well as other members of the stricken community. It’s one story all caring Americans should read — so pick up a copy of our latest issue today!