The inside dope on country music’s biggest cheaters REVEALED in a heart-wrenching  ENQUIRER expose!

From Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” tales about wayward lovers are as central to country music as fiddles and steel guitars.

But the stories of unfaithful partners aren’t always fiction – and there are enough REAL cheatin’ hearts in Nashville to light up the country music charts for years to come.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, the latest marriage-busting scandal came after crooner Jason Aldean was caught kissing former “American Idol” star Brittany Kerr.

The “Big Green Tractor” singer filed for divorce from wife Jessica Ussery on April 26.

In a blockbuster special report, The ENQUIRER reveals scandals that have rocked Music City, involving stellar names such as  Garth Brooks, Keith Urban,  Willie Nelson and MORE.

Find out which cheater was nearly shot by his wronged woman, and which one had a torrid romp with a porn star at his bachelor party.

The ENQUIRER rips the lid off the shenanigans of the two-timing guitar-strummers – and it’s one riveting report you won’t want to miss!

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