Exclusive: Clint Eastwood Caught Between Two Hot Blondes!


CLINT EASTWOOD isn’t even officially divorced yet – but TWO hot blondes are already battling it out to be the “Dirty Harry” star’s next wife!

“The claws have come out,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “There’s a nasty fight going on over who will be the next Mrs. Clint Eastwood.

“You have to hand it to the sly old dog. Clint is 84, and he can’t seem to get enough women in his life. On top of that, he’s found time to continue cranking out major new films.”

As The ENQUIRER reported, the Oscar winning director split from Dina Ruiz, his wife of 17 years, after he got romanti­cally involved with beautiful Erica Tomlinson-Fisher – the 43-year-old ex-wife of Dina’s high school sweetheart Scott Fisher.

But before Clint could finalize his $375 million divorce from Dina, we revealed in Janu­ary that the Hollywood icon was already cheating on his mistress Erica!

While Clint’s attorney vehemently denied he’d been having an affair with Erica, sources told us he was also romancing attractive blonde Christina Sandera, who works as a hostess in his Mission Ranch hotel in Carmel, Calif.

At the time, our reporter asked Christina if she was having a sexu­al relationship with Clint, and she snapped: “I am not talking about that – and no photos.”

But as these exclusive photos show, Christina isn’t running from the camera anymore. Just five months later, she was photo­graphed out and about with Clint.

On June 1, the couple showed up at the Whole Foods store in Brent­wood, Calif., and Clint appeared happy as a clam as Christina pushed a grocery cart.

“Christina has been taken out of the shad­ows and is now front and center – and Erica is steaming,” revealed the source. “She thought she had won the sweepstakes to be Clint’s third wife, but not so fast, it seems.”

Erica initially seemed to be on the fast track to becom­ing Clint’s next bride. The macho star had moved her into a new $20 million ranch es­tate in Carmel – and Erica seemed settled in enough to allow her oldest son Blake Holland, 22, to pose for a photo of himself holding a weapon in Clint’s ultra-private “man cave.”

“Erica thought she was a shoo-in,” said the source. “But Christina seems to have gained a toehold and is traveling from Carmel to L.A. to be with Clint while he works.

“The word is, Erica has dug in and is not giving up. It appears they both entertain fantasies of marrying Clint when his divorce from Dina is finalized.”

Onetime reality TV star Dina, 48, had initially filed for legal sepa­ration last Sept. 9, but sources say she withdrew the papers just two days later in hopes that Clint would dump Erica. That didn’t happen, so Dina filed for divorce the following month in Monterey County Superior Court.

Clint, whose next movie, “Jersey Boys,” is being prepped for release, is currently directing Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in “American Sniper,” which is shooting around L.A.

Meanwhile, his divorce from Dina is still being negotiated. The couple is said to be worth a staggering $375 million, but after coughing up $25 million in his 1984 divorce from first wife Maggie Johnson, Clint reportedly got Dina to sign an ironclad prenuptial agreement.

“The prenup with Dina would make it extremely difficult for her to get a big chunk of his vast fortune, so Clint is still going to be sitting on a bundle when the divorce is finalized,” said the source.

And while Clint’s attorney de­nied that Erica and Christina are battling to be Clint’s next wife, the source said: “Both women may think they’re on the short list to become the next Mrs. Eastwood, but there’s no telling exactly how serious Clint is with ei­ther of them – or even whether he’ll ever marry again.“To tell you the truth, he seems to be having too much fun.”