ROCKED by her parents’ potentially deadly health problems, former first daughter CHELSEA CLINTON has decided to undergo In Vitro Fertilization to have a baby!

“There’s an urgency like never before for Chelsea to give Bill and Hillary a grandchild,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “She’s absolutely determined to bring a baby into the world in 2013.”

Now, in a dramatic race against time, Chelsea, who turns 33 in February, has given up trying to get pregnant “the old-fashioned way” and is ready to begin IVF treatment with husband Marc Mezvin­sky, say sources.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported exclusively, sources say Chelsea’s 65-year-old mom Hillary Clinton was un­dergoing tests to find out if she has brain cancer after suffering black­outs, headaches and other trou­bling symptoms. It was a blood clot in her brain that has, doctors say, been treated successfully, with the outgoing Secretary of State returning to work yesterday.

And her father, former presi­dent Bill Clinton, has suffered a string of frightening heart problems in recent years. In a candid TV interview last October, Bill, 66, bravely admitted: “I’m determined to live to be a grandfather. But I just think the older you get, the more you want every year to count.”

When Chelsea saw that interview, the source says “she cried and made it a pri­ority to bring him a grandchild. In fact, Chelsea told Marc she’d even like to have twins. She also told a pal, ‘It would be a double blessing. Mom and Dad would be over the moon.’”

Chelsea and investment banker Marc tied the knot in an interfaith ceremony on July 31, 2010. At first, a baby was the last thing on their minds. The ENQUIRER revealed that the couple suffered a rough patch, which led to them briefly living apart only six months af­ter their wedding.

“A lot of it had to do with Marc adjusting to life in the spotlight, but after a rocky start, they got it together,” said an insider. “Now, Chel­sea’s ready to give IVF a go and Marc is supporting her decision. They both realize there is a better chance of a multiple birth with this treat­ment.

“Chelsea is very con­cerned with her mother’s life-or-death medical crisis and her father’s concerns about dying. So with luck, a birth announcement is just around the corner.”