Monster mom CASEY ANTHONY has hatched an evil plot to beat the rap for her daughter Caylee’s murder – by goading her own father into killing him­self!

That’s the stunning revelation from those close to the sensation­al death penalty trial after Casey’s attorney made a shocking accusa­tion in his opening statement.

He claimed that Casey’s father George Anthony sexually abused her – and that it was his fault Casey lied about what happened to 2-year-old Caylee!

Now experts say Casey believes her father – who has previously attempted suicide – will be so humiliated by her phony claims that he’ll take his own life! And his death could be her ticket to freedom!

Defense lawyer Jose Baez told jurors in Orlando, Fla., that little Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool. He claimed George discovered Caylee’s lifeless body, then told Casey that he’d handle things and covered up his granddaughter ’s death.

Casey failed to report the tragedy to police be­cause she’d been “raised to lie” to keep her father’s abuse secret, Baez said. As a result, she repeat­edly fibbed about her daughter’s whereabouts.

Baez also reminded the jury that George, 59, tried to commit sui­cide before – a month after little Caylee’s remains were discovered in December 2008. That reminder was deliberate, according to crimi­nal profiler Pat Brown, who has followed the Anthony case closely.

“Casey is hoping her father is so ashamed of these false accusations that he’ll really kill himself,” Brown told The ENQUIRER.

“If he did, there would be enough reasonable doubt that Casey would never be convicted of murder.”

Brown believes Casey, 25, hatched the plan while in jail awaiting trial.

In a letter to a fellow inmate, Casey accused both her dad and her older brother Lee of molesting her. She described Lee as “walking into my room at night and feeling my breasts while I slept…Over the past few months I’ve been having really vivid dreams…of things that have already happened. I think my dad used to do the same thing to me…I can see him in my room…”

Casey’s defense jumped on her abuse claims to cast reasonable   doubt on her guilt, said Orlando de­fense attorney and legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

“On the witness stand, George de­nied he abused Casey,” Sheaffer told The ENQUIRER. “But her attorney keeps trying to slip in Casey’s accu­sations while questioning witnesses. The judge hasn’t allowed it so far, but if her father killed himself, it would throw the trial into chaos.”

Now friends really fear Casey’s al­legations could push high-strung George over the edge.

“Casey believes she can force her dad into committing suicide, and be­lieves this will get her off the hook,” Kiomarie Torres Cruz, Casey’s best friend from child­hood, told The ENQUIRER.