JENNIFER GARNER and BEN AFFLECK are heading toward a whopping $150 million divorce 
after an incendiary red carpet meltdown, insiders tell The National ENQUIRER.

Jen threw a major fit while Ben was at the premiere of his Oscar-touted flick, “Gone Girl,” when BFF Matt Damon ditched the Sept. 26 New York event to jet to George Clooney’s wedding in Venice, Italy.

“Jennifer was livid,” said an insider. “She ruined Ben’s big night in the spotlight.”

But other nightmares may end their nine-year marriage.

A special ENQUIRER report has revealed that Jen’s tired of Ben’s compulsive gambling, history of cheating, boozy past AND never-at-home work schedule!

Jennifer is often left to raise their brood alone, and it is straining their marriage to the breaking point. They lead almost separate 
lives, with Ben, 42, acting and directing non-stop while Jennifer, also 42, juggles motherhood and a lagging career.

“He leaves her alone for days and weeks. She feels like a single mother!” an insider said.

And, with his checkered past, Jen feels she has to mother Ben as well as the kids, Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2.

“It’s all really taking a toll,” the insider says. “She constantly texts and calls Ben, leading to huge fights. He’s great with the kids when he’s around, but he and Jen barely talk at home – and when they do, BOOM!”

Yet, it may be booze, broads and worse that undo the couple, married since 2005.Ben was spied drinking three years ago, after a 2001 stint in rehab.

And he has a rep for allegedly getting frisky with co-stars, including Blake Lively and Emily Ratajkowski. Jen even asked “Gone Girl” co-star Neil Patrick Harris to watch Ben.

In 2003 The ENQUIRER reported that Ben cavorted with strippers while engaged to Jennifer Lopez. She dumped him.

Now, pals fear he’s traded addictions: whiskey and women for gambling! The new Batman was caught counting cards at Las Vegas casinos twice, and has been banned for life from blackjack tables.

Ben denies he’s an addict but, sources say, once he starts, he can’t stop – playing all night, betting thousands and then sleeping all day, infuriating Jen.

“Jen’s blowup is fueling a possible split,” the insider added. “The cards are on the table now, and they spell ‘D-I-V-O-R-C-E.’”