Paul McCartney,

PAUL McCARTNEY’s new bride has past links to the New York Mafia, but the ex- Beatle is so in love he doesn’t seem to care!

Paul, 69, exchanged wedding vows with beautiful American trucking company heiress Nancy Shevell, 51, at London’s Old Marylebone Town Hall on Oct. 9. Wearing a flower in her hair, a five-carat diamond on her finger and a knee-length ivory dress designed by Paul’s daughter Stella, Nancy beamed at guests, including her 76-year-old father, Myron “Mike” Shevell.

But her proud papa has some skeletons in his past – he’s been in­vestigated by federal authorities for alleged links to organized crime!

“Paul may not realize it, but he’s a ‘made man’ – and now has a special place in Nancy’s family,” joked one insider.

 “Since meeting her four years ago, I’ve never seen him so happy, and we all knew it would end in marriage – he obviously made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.”

In 1975, investigators filed charges against Nancy’s dad and his brother Daniel for fraud, alleging they had ties to the Mafia. Although the case never went to trial and no specific ties were established to the mob, the brothers were ordered to give up control of their company, and they went bankrupt.

Later that year, Daniel committed suicide. In 1977, Mike took control of a company called New England Motor Freight and within 10 years had transformed it into one of the largest trucking lines on the East Coast. But in 1988, Mike became the target of the government’s Organized Crime Strike Force, accused of dealing with Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, notorious head of New York’s infamous Genovese crime family.

A lawsuit alleged Mike paid off Genovese mem­bers in return for a “sweetheart” deal that allowed his company to operate outside union rules. It also alleged that Mike “cultivated” an 11-year “corrupt relationship” with Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano and other Ma­fia members, including Stephen Andretta, Matty “The Horse” Ianniello and Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno.

According to published reports, Ianniello was re­corded in a wiretapped conversation suggesting Mike’s trucking company, Eastern Freight Ways, was a “front” for the mob.

Although no charges were ever proven, Mike agreed to a deal which barred him from involvement in union negotiations for five years.

Now, his daughter Nancy serves as Vice President of Administration for the wildly successful and respected Shevell Group of Companies, which owns six trucking companies and has 5,000 employees with an annual revenue of $400 million.

 “Paul is obviously aware of his new wife’s family past links to the mob, but all that matters to him now is his love for her,” an insider noted.

“Paul’s in love and THAT's it.”