Ashley judd, memoirs
Ashley judd, memoirs

In a shockingly brave revelation, ASHLEY JUDD has revealed that she was raped repeatedly throughout a horrific and abuse-filled childhood — with her brutal upbringing leaving her with deep psychological scars.

The star makes the bombshell revelations in a blockbuster new memoir that bares tawdry family secrets that she’s kept for decades.

In “All That Is Bitter & Sweet,” the beautiful actress courageously writes about a childhood so torturous that the only way she could think to make the ache in her heart lessen was to die.

While her ambitious moth­er Naomi and sister Wynonna traveled across America trying to make it big as country sing­ers, Ashley says she went to 13 different schools between the ages of 5 and 18, growing up feeling unloved and un­wanted.

Her mother and father, Michael Ciminella, divorced when Ashley was 4, and Ash­ley admitted that as early as 7 she began suffering from de­pression.

The first of many sexual assaults that Ashley endured occurred when she was still a little girl living in Kentucky, where Naomi had moved the family following her divorce.

Ashley recalls in graphic de­tail being pulled into a dark, empty store by an older man who offered her a quarter to play a pinball machine.

She remembers vividly how he grabbed and groped her and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

She was able to fight him off – but afterward when she tried to tell adults what had happened, she was dev­astated when no one believed her!