YOUNG “Modern Family” star ARIEL WINTER’s ugly fami­ly feud exploded over sex and money, the young actress’ brother tells The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

The 14-year-old actress – who plays brainy high-schooler Alex Dunphy on the ABC comedy – has been removed from her home by a judge after she accused her mother of physical and emotional abuse.

But Ariel’s brother Jimmy Work­man blames their greedy older sister, former “One Life to Live” star Shanelle Workman-Gray, and Ariel’s 18-year-old boyfriend for the head­line-making drama.

“Shanelle has requested, from the day we went into court on Oct. 3, that all of Ariel’s trust funds and money be provided to her. That was the first thing Shanelle did!” Jimmy, who played Pugsley in the “Ad­dams Family” movies, told The ENQUIRER.

Shanelle had barely been a part of Ariel’s life until the young ac­tress’ “Modern Family” salary was bumped up to $70,000 an episode in August, according to Jimmy.

“They talked every once in a while, but once Ariel started earning more money and it was all over the press, Shanelle tried to take control of her,” he said.

Shanelle, 34, was awarded tem­porary guardianship of Ariel after claiming in court papers that the teen was “the victim of ongoing physical abuse (slapping, hitting, pushing) and emotional abuse” at the hands of her mother, Chrystal Workman.

Chrystal was ordered not to con­tact Ariel, but she has vehemently denied the abuse charges. According to Chrystal, Ariel cooked up the abuse claims after her mother caught her in bed with her beau, “A.N.T. Farm” stud Cameron Palatas, and filed a police report. But as The ENQUIRER has reported, Ariel wants to shack up with Cameron and continues to seek legal emancipation from her parents.

“Cameron filled Ariel’s head with all sorts of romantic dreams about the wonderful life they could have to­gether,” Jimmy told The ENQUIRER.

“When my mother tried to break them up, she and Ariel got into a fight, and Ariel left home. The abuse situ­ation was fabricated to emancipate Ariel, but it’s created a legal night­mare that’s been fueled with a lot of lies. The physical abuse charges have already been proven untrue by pri­vate detectives and other individuals. I know the charges are going to be dropped.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy calls Cam­eron “bad news.”

“Ariel is a smart, talented young lady and she’s been completely taken in by him,” Jimmy said. “She’s now living with Shanelle, and that’s the worst place for her to be.”

While the current petition for guardianship specifically requests that Ariel’s financial accounts be blocked from everyone, including Shanelle, Jimmy insisted: “Mark my words – Shanelle is going for Ariel’s money.

“This whole situation blew up over money and Cameron, and it’s re­ally hurting our family, especially my mom. It’s tearing us apart!”