FURIOUS BRAD calls off wedding after ANGIE’s bombshell admission!

While Brad Pitt has hinted he’s ready to marry partner-in-parenting Angelina Jolie, the “Moneyball” star, 48, bolted from a pre­marital counseling session after she admitted to being with another man after she met him and made other shocking revelations, sources say.

“When Brad recently said he and Angelina were going to wed for their children’s sake, everyone began speculating they were ready to tie the knot right away,” an insider divulged.

“But the plans collapsed during a counseling session when Angelina boldly confessed that she continued to have sex with other men after they’d fallen for each other on the set of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’!”

The two sat down with a trusted family confi­dante rather than a therapist to discuss things they’ve held back saying because of fear, and Angelina blew Brad away, according to the source.

While discussing issues that could impact the marriage, Angelina dropped the bomb that she met men in hotel rooms after she and Brad flipped for each other on the set of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ in January 2004,” said the insider.

Although the actress had admitted to flings – reportedly with her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller and English ac­tor Ralph Fiennes – in March 2004, Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston at the time and laughed off Angelina’s provocative remarks, said the source.

“But when she ad­mitted during the counseling session that she continued to see other men after she and Brad got involved, he was floored,” revealed the insider.

“Although the two weren’t having sex, they were emotionally commit­ted and Brad considered it cheating, a complete betrayal. He stormed out of the session, and Angelina jumped up and followed him, crying and yelling out, ‘No Brad! Please forgive me!’”

Sources say Brad shouldn’t have been so surprised because of Ange­lina’s track record. The 36-year-old sexpot admitted to cheating on first hubby Jonny by carrying on a lesbian affair with actress-model Jenny Shimizu on the film set of “Foxfire” in 1995.

 “Brad wanted ALL the bad blood on the table and he got it,” noted the insider.

“The whole session left a bad taste in Brad’s mouth. Now, he’s not only rethinking the marriage but also the entire relationship.

“And until he sorts through his feel­ings, he’s called off the marriage.”