Fangs for nothing! TV’s Eddie Munster BUTCH PATRICK  scared off his bride-to-be by repeatedly cheating on her with other lovelorn MUnsters fans!.

Butch Patrick – former child star of the ’60s sitcom classic "The Munsters" – has been dumped by his fiancee, ex-NFL cheerleader Donna McCall, after she learned he kept in secret contact with a string of girlfriends.

"Butch and I are done, finished, and I never want to see him again," Donna told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

"He broke my heart!"

When devastated Donna discovered Butch was still seeing old squeezes, "she freaked out," a source told The ENQUIRER.

"She called off their wedding and kicked Butch to the curb."

The ENQUIRER was the first to report the  TV vampire boy, 57  had found love with Donna 55, a former fan, and that their romance led to an engagement.

Donna met Butch at Pennsylvania’s DraculaCon IIvampire convention in May – and it was love at first bite. The two had begun corresponding decades earlier when they were younger, but lost touch.

After they reconnected, Butch moved to Pennsylvania to be closer, and they began planning a wedding. But the fairytale courtship had a nightmare ending.

Halloween is a busy time for Butch because he’s a big draw at horror conventions. And apparently, it’s also the perfect time for infidelity.

"Butch was supposed to travel to Birmingham in late October for an appearance," said the source.

"Suspecting he was up to no good, Donna went through his e-mails – and to her horror, she realized he’d been e-mailing old girlfriends all along and setting up trysts.

"He still had girlfriends all the over country!"

Donna quickly drove a stake through their relationship!