Just call her Eva Destruction!

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria is poised to destroy her romance with *NSYNC hunk JC Chasez by two-timing him with a director on her show. “It’s just like her character Gabrielle Solis on ‘Desperate Housewives,'” a source declared.


Eva’s character on ‘Housewives’ is married but having a red-hot affair with her teenage gardener that her husband knows nothing about. Now in real life, “Eva is dating JC Chasez and secretly seeing director Stephen Kay on the side!” said the source.

Kay and Eva left her Silverlake, Calif., home in the early morning hours of November 17.

“They walked out hand in hand, got in his car and drove to a diner to pick up something to eat,” said an eyewitness. “They snuggled into the same side of the booth to eat. They sure looked like a cozy couple!”

According to pals, Eva–who’s divorcing her husband of two years, actor Tyler Christopher–has been a friend of Kay since they did a TV movie together, a thriller called ‘The Dead Will Tell,’ co-starring Anne Heche.

“They got along great on the set of that movie,” the source disclosed. “Now they’re working together again on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and it looks as if their friendship has turned into romance.”

That will be news to JC, who has been spotted everywhere with the TV hottie–including the recent American Music Awards, where they held hands throughout the evening and kissed when they thought no one was looking.


“It’s clear that JC has no idea Eva has another man,” said an insider. “If he did I’m sure he wouldn’t be pleased.

“He’s really crazy about Eva. They’ve been dating since the summer, before her show became a massive hit.

“Since then, it’s been hard to hide their love even though Eva refuses to talk about it.

“The bonus for JC has been that he’s now getting a lot of publicity as well, something he could use since his solo CD tanked.

“JC and other members of *NSYNC have had to stand on the sidelines while band mate Justin Timberlake‘s career has skyrocketed.

“Not only has his solo album been a huge success, selling millions of copies, but the fact he’s been involved in high-profile relationships with Britney Spears and now Cameron Diaz hasn’t hurt, either.


“And JC knows it.

“Earlier this year, he half-jokingly complained to a pal, ‘Now why can’t I find someone like that?’

“Well, now he has–and he’s been loving every minute of it.

“What he doesn’t know, though, is that this other guy in Eva’s life may spell the end for them as a couple.”