ERIN MORAN is ready to dump her husband to become a lesbian – that’s the latest shocking claim about the former “Happy Days” cutie, whose once-glam­orous life has seemingly crumbled into a seedy quagmire of heavy boozing and cheap hotels, say sources.

And Erin’s humiliated husband of 20 years, Steve Fleischmann, seems ready to say good riddance to the onetime child star after her outrageous display with another woman during a wild night of drinking in a Corydon, Ind., bowling alley.

“Erin and Steve partied in the new year at Colo­nial Lanes, and things got very out of hand,” a pal of the actress told The ENQUIRER.

“They were at the bowling alley’s bar with several close friends, and Erin was drinking tequila like a sailor. She ordered as many as nine shots at a time for their group, and she was downing three in a row!

“After drinking shots of tequila, Erin began making out with one of her female friends at the bar, and Steve was furious!

“Finally, after several minutes of them grind­ing against each other, the bartender warned them to stop or they’d be asked to leave the premises.

“Steve was so angry he stormed out of the bar, and an intoxicated Erin hurled insults at him, like ‘Get the hell out of here, you big crybaby! Go home, crawl into bed and suck your thumb as you cry yourself to sleep, you mama’s boy!’ ”

After Steve roared off, the troubled actress apparently made an astonishing ad­mission to pals.

“Erin was blabbing to everyone about how tired she was of Steve riding her coattails and how she just wanted to run away and fall in  love with a woman,” claimed the source.

Steve, 45, who’s been married to Erin, 52, since 1993, returned to the bar about an hour later, and another ugly scene erupted, said the source.

“When Erin saw him, she began to berate him about working at Walmart. Then she told everyone that Steve stays with her only because she’s the breadwinner.

“She called him a crybaby and and mama’s boy again, and poor Steve just stood there like a punching bag.

“It was obviously very humiliating for him, and it’s evident he’s had enough of Erin’s insults and boozing. He’s telling pals he’s completely fed up and ready to get out of the marriage.”

As The ENQUIRER reported exclusively in October, Erin and Steve moved out of the mobile home they shared with his mom in nearby New Salisbury, Ind.

Since then, the couple has been jumping between hotels, including the Baymont Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express and Super 8.

“Seeing the way Erin was making out with her female friend, it’s clear her marriage to Steve has seen its day,” said the source.

“She seems ready to move on to women, and Steve is definitely sick and tired of baby-sitting his wife.”