The ENQUIRER Was First To Reveal The Rosemary Kennedy Tragedy

Rosemary Kennedy

In a major cover story, People magazine claimed to have unearthed the Kennedy family’s “darkest secret” – JFK’s sister Rosemary was lobotomized and abandoned.

But The National ENQUIRER first exposed the tragic story way back in 1993! That year, The ENQUIRER obtained world exclusive photos of the Kennedy daughter who hadn’t been seen in nearly 20 years! Her famous family tried to hide her away after her father, Joe Kennedy, forced her to undergo an experimental brain operation that went horribly wrong!

We reported that Rosemary led a simple life in a one-story brick home at St. Coletta’s School, a facility for the mentally disabled.

JFK’s oldest sister was born mildly disabled, but after the surgery at age 23 in 1941, she was left severely mentally disabled and partially paralyzed on the left side. She had to be tended to by a nurse and aides, who often took her for walks on the grounds of the Jefferson, Wis., facility.

In 1983, the Kennedys donated $1 million to the school.

“Rosemary is very sweet,” a close source told The ENQUIRER back then.

“She’s a very nice person. She’s just limited in what she can do. She’s able to hold a conversation, though she does babble on some. The nuns work with her all the time. She gets physical therapy, and they work on her reading and talking skills. Otherwise, she passes her days inside her home watching TV or being read to.”