End Of The Road For Randy Travis!

The crowd roared when superstar RANDY TRAVIS stood up at the Academy of Country Music Awards last month – but the struggling stroke victim may never sing again!

“Randy’s come a long way but now his progress is measured in inches, not feet,” said a close family friend.

“Getting back on stage may not be anything more than a pipe dream at this point!”

Randy, 56, suffered a massive stroke in July 2013, and later underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain – leaving him unable to walk and talk.

He still managed to marry his longtime girlfriend, Mary Davis, this past March – after a relationship that began in scandal.

The legend cheated on wife Lib Hatcher with Mary, who was married to his dentist at the time!

And the day after his triumphant appearance at the ACM Awards, Randy encouraged hopes for a comeback.

“It is my prayer that, with continued healing, one day soon I will be back on stage,” he wrote on his website.

If that day doesn’t come, pals said the pair could face money problems.

The source noted that Randy took a hit in his 2010 split from Lib.

Randy’s still worth an estimated $5 million, but his illnesses have depleted his fortune.

“His medical bills, even with insurance, have been substantial,” the source added.

What’s more, while Randy is walking again with the use of a cane, he’s still struggling to regain much of his speech.