Hermione Horror!

Emma Watson’s Grown Up To Be An On-Set Diva

Unhappy ending for actress' grown-up career!

emma watson scandals diva behavior

Emma Watson found fame as “Harry Potter” sorceress Hermione Granger, but no one’s bewitched by her celebrity diva demands!

On-set spies have gathered up claims that the actress claims to be a vegan and insists only her PA can bring her meals to her on-set trailer.

But, say the sources, Emma’s really picky and has her own made-up diet!

“She cuts out dairy, but not eggs,” tattled an insider. “She won’t eat meat, but fish is OK so long as it’s sushi.”

Insiders added that the bratty beauty might act like a prima donna because she grew used to being waited on as a child star.

So now, griped an insider, “her every whim has to be addressed!”