Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley

ELVIS PRESLEY was rubbed out by the Mafia to prevent him from testifying in a big Mob trial, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Elvis' “Paradise Hawaiian Style” costar Suzanna Leigh revealed the startling claim in a blockbuster new book.

“I learned Elvis had been part of one of the largest FBI investigations of the 1970s, code-named Fountain Pen,” reveals London born Leigh.

 “Apparently, he had been the innocent victim in a Mafia fraud case involving millions of dollars. 

 “Scores of federal agents worldwide had investigated it and Elvis was due to give evidence. The FBI was meant to be protecting Elvis when he died.”

When she first heard about the theory from British journalist John Parker, Leigh contacted Beecher Smith, Presley’s former attorney.

“He told me Elvis and his father Vernon were supposed to appear in front of a federal grand jury on August 16, 1977 – the day Elvis died,” Leigh writes in her memoir, “The Flip Side of Paradise”.

The actress, who says she and the singer bonded during filming and “became true soul mates,” also talked to ex-police detective Dick Grob, head of Elvis’ all-cop security team.

“He confirmed Vernon always believed his son was murdered,” Leigh, 66, confided. “He claims someone phoned a newspaper from Graceland at 1 a.m. to alert them that a big story was coming out that night – an hour before emergency services were called.”

Leigh says Grob made a bombshell allegation: “‘Elvis died of a massive codeine overdose,’ he told me. I knew Elvis was allergic to codeine, an opiate painkiller.

 “Someone washed the carpet where Elvis had fallen – imagine that, cleaning up before

the police arrived? Only someone really close to him could have ordered that.”

Leigh, who last acted in the 1970s, eventually became a VIP tour guide at Graceland, says Grob is convinced Elvis’ death was “organized by the Mob. He told me they didn’t want Elvis or his father to appear in court.

“They must have gotten someone inside the house. ‘That’s what Vernon believed,’ said Dick. ‘Someone from inside the house let the killer in.’ ”

Leigh said, "We're a long way from discovering the truth about Elvis' death."