Elvis’ Dad Let Him Die!

New documentary alleges Vernon Presley banished those who tried to help The King.

Elvis Presley Dad Vernon Let Him Die
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Elvis Presley’s death was caused by his controlling father’s refusal to stop the icon’s drug addiction!

That’s the bombshell charge leveled in the new documentary The Last 24 Hours of Elvis Presley by the late Sonny West, The King’s childhood pal.

Sonny claimed Vernon Presley, who kept a stranglehold on his son’s finances, banished him and others from Elvis’ inner circle after they faced off with the star about being a junkie!

The intervention occurred months before Elvis was found dead at Graceland in 1977.

“Elvis was on prescription drugs, so in his mind they weren’t illegal, but he was abusing them,” said Sonny, who died in 2017 at age 78. “[Elvis] told us to stay out of his business.”

But Sonny said the crew persisted and “we were fired on his order by his father!”