Closeted Years!

Elton John’s Suicide Attempt Over Being Gay

Troubled star got a hit song out of near-death experience!

elton john suicide attempt scandals
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Elton John is now one of showbiz’s biggest openly-gay stars — but he was once so distraught over his desires that he was ready to kill himself while living with a gal!

The “Rocket Man’s” longtime songwriting pard Bernie Taupin recalled that in the ‘60s, he and the star shared a pad with Elton’s galpal, pickled-onion heiress Linda Woodrow.

One day, he returned to find the singer with his head in the oven.

Taupin, however, believes the attempt was really a cry for help.

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“He’d only turned the gas on low, said Bernie, adding that Elton “had left the window open and …even thought to take a cushion to rest his head on.”

But the incident was still dramatic enough to inspire the 1975 hit “Someone Saved My Life Tonight.”

Elton went on to a doomed 1984 marriage to Renate Blauel while trying to salvage his career after outing himself as bisexual. He’s now happily wed to filmmaker David Furnish — and they have surrogate sons Zach, 7, and Elijah, 5.