Tiger Woods‘ livid wife, Elin Nordgeren who’s plotting a divorce from the King of Swing, has hired a PI to dig deep in his finances.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Elin has hired divorce top gun Sorrell Trope to handled her multi-million dollar break-up from her philandering hubby.

Reportedly, Elin plans to divorce Woods in California rather than in their home state of  Florida because of  Cali’s more than generous divorce laws.  Estranged Elin wants to know exactly what Tiger IS worth.

‘Elin knows hiring a private investigator is a smart move," a source told the UK Mirror.

"Her lawyers want to make sure she gets every penny she’s entitled to. Now she’s decided to end their marriage she has the future of their children to think about."

As The ENQUIRER reported previously the missus is not the only one sifting dirt to unearth hidden finances. 

The Feds are also putting the potent putter’s finances under the microscope especially his charitable foundations that may have been used to funnel hush money to many of the golfer’s alleged many mistresses.

Meanwhile one source of income has not dried up for Woods in the wake of his cheating scandal – video game manufacturer Electronic Arts Sports still plans to release their upcoming Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online.