John Edwards‘ marriage is over, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

His cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth kicked him out of their bedroom more than two years ago when he confessed to cheating on her, and the two are now living apart, sources say.

While the disgraced presidential candidate occasionally spends time at their sprawling mansion for the sake of their two younger children, the couple – who married in 1977 – sleep apart, insiders say.

That’s the true state of the Edwards’ marriage – even though both Elizabeth and John recently told Oprah Winfrey on national TV that they’re working to rebuild their shattered union.

The ENQUIRER exposed Edwards’ secret affair with blonde divorcee Rielle Hunter in a series of blockbuster exclusive stories – and on Oprah’s May 7 broadcast, he meekly echoed his wife’s claims that they were trying to mend their marriage.

"John has no choice than to follow Elizabeth’s lead. He has destroyed her by repeatedly lying to her, and his betrayal was so severe that there is no marriage to go back to," a close source told The ENQUIRER.

Elizabeth told Oprah the couple is working to rebuild their trust while promo-ing new book Resilience.

But the reality is  she banished John from their bedroom when he first admitted his affair with Rielle in December 2006.

After ENQUIRER reporters caught Edwards with Rielle and their love child in July 2008 and he publicly confessed his affair to ABC NEWS, Elizabeth tossed him out of their Chapel Hill  home.

"After John was caught, Elizabeth told him to simply, ‘Get out of the house!’" the source divulged.

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