'Total S#!t'

Angry ‘Dynasty’ Star Out Of The Closet

Gordon Thomson blasts remake while celebrating his sexuality!

gordon thomson gay dynasty remake
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Gordon Thomson, who starred as villainous Adam Carrington in the ’80s TV hit “Dynasty,” has come out swinging — announcing he’s gay while trashing The CW’s reboot as “abominable!”

Gordon said that he kept his sexuality secret for years because “to come out would have been professional suicide.”

Now 72, the actor claims it’s “very nice” to be candid — and isn’t holding back, ripping into The CW’s revamped version of “Dynasty” as “total sh*t!”

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Original executive producers Richard and Esther Shapiro are running the new take on the soapy classic, but Gordon is not impressed.

“The acting is dreadful,” he declared. “Truly dreadful.

“The writing is appalling. The audience The CW is aiming for is going to think it’s sh*t, because it is such sh*t that a cretinous six-year-old would not be interested!”