Dying Cher Fading Fast!

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In a desperate bid to cheat death, ailing superstar Cher has traveled to Germany to secretly undergo a cutting-edge treatment, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

The 69-year-old diva – who’s battling physical ailments and emotional stress – recently announced she’d gone overseas for a holistic remedy.

But an ENQUIRER investigation has discovered the singer personally directed a massive cover-up to hide the fact she was actually seeking stem cell replacement therapy not available in the U.S.

While reps insist Cher has recovered from the “killer virus” that led to her wearing a heart monitor, the illness has recurred, sources said – and friends fear the end is near for the “Turn Back Time” singer!

“Cher is fading fast. There’s no hope for her,” said a source close to the Oscar-winning “Moonstruck” star. “Going to Germany was really a Hail Mary pass to find some sort of ‘miracle cure’ for the virus that’s killing her.

“Time is running out, and Cher is very aware of it. But she doesn’t want anyone to know exactly how dire her health condition is. So, she covered up the whole thing in a tweet to her fans.”

In a recent Twitter post to her followers, Cher wrote: “In Germany visiting friends & Naturopath (4tune up). He Scolds ‘Cher DRINK MORE WASSER.’”

A friend told The ENQUIRER: “Cher really downplayed the whole thing. But in reality, she climbed off her ‘death bed’ to head to Germany.”

But according to the source, the “Believe” singer actually jetted to a German clinic to receive “non-traditional treatment unavailable in the U.S.”

Cher, who has not been seen in 48 days, has sought treatment at the same clinic for the debilitating Epstein-Barr virus, which she’s battled since the late ‘80s.

Her son with Gregg Allman, Elijah Blue, also sought stem cell treatment for Lyme disease at the clinic in Germany’s Black Forest.

He’d spent two weeks at the clinic with cancer-stricken “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett, who’d gone there at Cher’s urging.

He revealed the high costs involved. Elijah said: “I had gone with Farrah right before she passed away [in 2009].”

“It is very expensive … it can be up to $15-20 grand a week.”

Added the friend: “Going to Germany helped her son, but Cher’s medical issues are far worse than Lyme disease. Sadly, she may be going the way of her tragic friend Farrah – may she rest in peace.”