15 tantalizing tidbits about the serial procreating reality family and their 19 kids!

1 The Duggar children are homeschooled in order to focus on “God’s truth” and shelter them from bad influences, such as other kids and teachers who hold different beliefs or contrasting lifestyles.

2 The older Duggar children are not allowed to go anywhere without having an “accountability partner,” aka another sibling, to keep tabs on them.

3 Internet access on the family’s computers is limited to 70 “approved” websites to avoid exposure to alternative points of view.

4 Michelle was a high school party girl. “She was a pretty, popular cheerleader who dated more than a few guys before Jim Bob,” a high school pal revealed. “The cheerleaders and football players all hung out and partied together, and she was part of that group.I can’t believe she’s changed so much!”5 When photos of John David Duggar holding two rifles caused an uproar in 2011, Jim Bob defended his son, saying, “It’s our constitutional right!”

6 Listening to the radio is off-limits for the kids. Michelle said dancing encourages “sensual” feelings, while Jessa added that contemporary music is “promoting sex, drugs; all that type of stuff.”

7 Josh Duggar and wife Anna were served court papers in 2013 because they owed almost $10,000 in back state taxes. Soon after, Joshua announced he was joining the FRC Action

8 Jim Bob and Michelle have admitted they “took things farther than we should have” while they were dating.

9 Before their TV show and book earned millions of dollars, the children virtually lived on top of one another in a tiny house – because Mom and Dad Duggar kept procreating!.

10 After “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson was slammed for homophobic comments, Josh said, “He has a right to free speech.” on religion, life, marriage … and ducks.” 

11 Michelle said that a woman should always submit to her husband sexually, explaining, “Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has.”

12 Pro-life Michelle called abortion a “baby holocaust,” and was an activist for 
laws restricting birth control in the state of Texas.

13 Mom-to-be Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard requested Dr. Pepper and other sugary drinks on their baby registry, defending it by saying that they need caffeine.

14 Any boy who wants to date the Duggar girls must go through a grueling interview process with Jim Bob. Only the suitors he approves of are allowed to court his daughters.

15 Following a recent visit to the Holocaust Museum, Jessa compared the fate of murdered concentration camp victims to that of aborted fetuses, saying: “Millions of innocents denied the 
most basic and fundamental of all rights – their right to life.”