JUST one week after “Duck Dynasty’s” beloved Uncle Si Robertson enjoyed a long-belated wedding ceremony with Christine, his wife of 43 years, she suffered a terrifying accident!

Reclusive Christine, who’s never appeared on the hit A&E reality show, banged her head and broke her arm in a nasty fall while walk­ing in the woods.

“Si was shattered when he heard about his wife’s accident,” said a family insider, adding that the 66-year-old Army veteran was re­duced to tears.

After Christine didn’t return home when expected, her daugh­ter-in-law and grandson found her wandering around aimlessly in the woods near their Monroe, La., home. She told them she’d fallen and hit her head, blacking out for a period of time. She also had prob­lems moving her arm. Paramedics were called, and they whisked her away to the local hospital. “Si was beside himself, worried sick,” said the insider. “He jumped into the family jeep and sped off following the ambulance. Christine was kept overnight for observation, and doctors put a cast on her broken arm.”

Si didn’t leave Christine’s side all night, and she was released the following morning.

The traumatic incident was in stark contrast to the couple’s joyful wedding the previous week. Si and Christine had originally gotten hitched without fanfare at a jus­tice of the peace in 1971, and they decided to finally have a “proper” wedding. The bride was escorted down the aisle by her 2-year-old grandsons as Si, clad in a camou­flage tuxedo, waited for her.

“Si’s joy soon turned to horror,” said the insider.  But now he’s breathing a big sigh of relief.”