Duchess Kate’s On The Cutting Edge!

Kate middleton short

Preparing for her new role as the next queen of England, Prince William’s stunning wife, Duchess Kate, has cut her hair to look more mature and regal — on the orders of the current monarch!

While she’s now 33 and the mother of two, Kate has continued to look like a college co-ed with her long, girlish tresses, and Queen Elizabeth was NOT amused.

Following a royal edict to “act her age,” Kate started trimming her hair in September.

But after being designated queen, she lopped several inches off her mane to get a more serious appearance that matches the wardrobe dictated by William’s prim and proper 89-year-old grandmother.

“Kate’s new hairdo has come as a shock to her fans, who loved that she looked like a Victoria’s Secret model rather than a matronly mother of two,” said a royal insider. “But now that she’s going to be sitting on the throne, she has to have a more mature appearance — one with dignity.

“Of course, she’s still gorgeous. The truth is, she’s a breath-taking beauty, even with a hairstyle that seems more appropriate on an older woman. But the queen likes it a lot — and that’s what counts with Kate.”

Kate has finally beaten her evil, back-biting mother-in-law, Camilla, in their vicious battle for the crown.

Dying Elizabeth decided to skip over son Prince Charles, 67, and place grandson William, 33, on the throne.

Our sensational photo last week showed radiant Kate with her hair up, wearing the late Princess Diana’s favorite diamond-and-pearl tiara as she attended the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace.

It was her first official outing as the new queen! Her regal appearance — a signal that Kate and William will soon be declared England’s new rulers — was a stake through the heart of jealous boozer Camilla, who’s spread vicious lies to sabotage her daughter-in-law.

The glittering headpiece, named the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, was a gift from Queen Elizabeth to Di on her wedding day to Charles in 1981.

The tiara hasn’t been seen in public since Di’s tragic 1997 car-crash death.

“It sends the clear message that her majesty has reversed her decision to have Charles and Camilla inherit the throne,” said an insider. “And it just proves her opinion of Kate — that she’s head and shoulders above Camilla!”