Duchess Of Cambridge In Post-Partum Despair

Kate Middleton

Just weeks after the birth of Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from a serious case of postpartum depression, royal sources have divulged.

“She’s really down in the dumps, and has been getting teary-eyed and irritable,” disclosed a pal of royal mom Kate Middleton.

The 33-year-old beauty went through a similar funk after her first child, Prince George, was born in July 2013.

“But it’s a lot worse this time,” said the source. “It’s like Kate’s crashing back down to Earth after the jubilation of giving birth.”

Meanwhile, husband Prince William is said to be very concerned about his normally bubbly wife.

“Kate’s been so down that she’s simply hibernating,” added the friend. “Everyone, especially William, is desperately trying to coax her out again, but nothing seems to be working.”

The Duchess’ dark mood follows a period of brief euphoria after Charlotte’s birth on May 2.

“Back then, Kate was like Superwoman!” explained the source. “She was full of energy and talking about going back to doing royal engagements. She even said she was raring to have another baby next year!”

But things took a quick turn for the worse in the wake of baby Charlotte’s restless nights, which left the Duchess severely sleep-deprived.

“She’s strung out and exhausted,” said the insider.

Kate’s mom, Carole, suffered similar problems after giving birth to Kate’s siblings, Pippa and James.

“But that blew over after a few weeks. Now everyone is praying Kate will bounce back in the same way,” explained the source. “In the meantime, William is desperate to see Kate’s smiling face once more!”