Lindsay Lohan blew off her new movie premiere with the words of an ex-Hollywood rebel ringing in her ears: “Don’t get sucked in by all the bull****.”

Lindsay, 19, flew home in a huff from London after a reported torrid night’s boozing eight hours before she was due on the red carpet for the opening of Herbie: Fully Loaded. She had left 30 VIPs huddled outside London’s Boujis club while she ignored them and talked to friends on her cell phone. Then she infuriated her “guests” by agreeing to let them join her party for a 1 am chat — but only one at a time.

A witness who saw Lindsay downing vodka at the club said: “She looked boozy — and fully loaded! She was in a foul mood and before the premiere she’d had enough of London and decided to fly home.”

Lindsay’s bizarre behavior wasn’t lost on another former spoiled brat — Drew Barrymore, who’s now 30 and wiser.

Said Drew: “I know what it’s like. Nowadays it’s even worse than it was when I was growing up. There are parts of this business that are real and parts that aren’t. You’ve got to sort out the reality from the bull****.”

Drew, who starred in E.T. at age seven, was an admitted drunk at 10 and addicted to cocaine at 13. Eventually she beat her own demons.

In London to promote her movie The Perfect Catch, Drew added: “Girls like Lindsay who grow up in Hollywood today are making their own rules. Whatever Lindsay wants she will dictate. She’s certainly playing by her own rules.

“These days I always think how I will affect others by what I do — and these girls should do the same.”

Publicists for Lindsay said she flew home to be with her mother Dina, who’s facing a divorce trial in New York.

Dina, 42, claims her husband Michael, 44, who’s serving four years jail for assault and drunk driving, has threatened to murder the family. She wants custody of their four children, $1 million in damages and alimony.