DREW CAREY has snapped! That's what people are saying after the "Price Is Right" host began shocking fans with his increasingly bizarre behavior.

In the most recent event, on Feb. 27, the 53-year-old funnyman posted a link to a very offensive song on his Twitter account. Calling it "my song of the day," Drew exposed fans to the profane tune "**** This Town" by maverick country singer Robbie Fulks.

"It drops the F-bomb five times in the chorus alone, uses other expletives and makes a derogatory remark toward gays," noted an insider.

Many of Drew's fans are older women, and his management was horrifi ed at the tweet. But the star told them it sums up his feelings about Hollywood and "he didn't give a damn what anyone thought," added the insider.

"He's snapped! It's like he's trying to sabotage the career he's worked so hard for."

Ohio-born Carey built a loyal fan base with his stand-up comedy act, his nine-year run on "The Drew Carey Show" and his current stint as successor to the legendary Bob Barker on "The Price Is Right."

But then the rotund comedian dropped nearly 90 pounds, had laser surgery so he could ditch his thick glasses and "developed a brazen new attitude," said a close source.

He raised eyebrows in January when he dumped longtime girlfriend Nicole Jaracz after an engagement of more than four years, during which he helped raise her son. Within days of the split, Carey was seen out with a new girlfriend, 31-year-old actress/model Kelley Whilden, who is 22 years his junior.

"For fans, it seems like the old Drew has disappeared," said the insider. "He seems to be suffering a midlife crisis and cracking under the pressure of his daily TV job."

His management informed him that he was turning off his fans. Then he went ahead and posted the outrageous song, "which is sure to appall 90 percent of the people," said the close source.

"Drew used to be a lot more savvy. It's as if he's shooting himself in the foot at every turn — and he just doesn't give a damn."