Drew Carey has a heart as big as all outdoors — just ask a homeless person he befriended.

The funnyman plays a low-paid, put-upon cheapskate on TV, but the real Drew recently shelled out $100 to a destitute woman and her two dogs who were camped outside a ritzy L.A. restaurant.

What’s more, the comic bought dinner for the woman — and her dogs — and then left a fat tip for the help.

“Drew Carey in real life is not the edgy guy you see on TV,” a source at the restaurant told The ENQUIRER. “He’s got a big heart.”

Carey was entering the trendy Wolfgang Puck Cafe in Hollywood for a late-night snack when he ran across the woman and her pitiful pooches near the entrance. Once at his table, Drew arranged for the restaurant to take a meal to the woman — plus a juicy hamburger apiece for her tail-waggers.

After finishing his own meal, Carey left a $100 tip on his $50 tab — and on leaving the restaurant handed another crisp C-note to the startled, but thankful, homeless woman.

“Some stars wouldn’t have given a homeless person another look,” the insider said.

“But Drew went out of his way to feed this woman and take care of the dogs, too. He’s quite a guy.”