Dr. Phil has just three years to live, an expert predicts.

A family history of heart disease, combined with a high-stress lifestyle, being overweight and blood sugar problems have shaved years off the TV shrink’s life span, according to doctors who have reviewed his medical background.

Experts say that at 6-foot-4 and close to 260 pounds, the 59-year-old psychologist is already ignoring potentially fatal warning signs that could doom him to a premature death – a fate suffered by his father, who died prematurely of heart disease.

"I have added up the stressors in Dr. Phil’s life, and unless he adds more balance to it, he may live to only age 62," warned Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., a human behavior expert from Miami Beach, Fla.

That chilling scenario is the conclusion of a longevity guide that Dr. Wanis has developed known as the "Life & Death Calculator." It determines a person’s estimated life expectancy by evaluating five principal body stressors – emotional, mental, physical, nutritional and spiritual – that affect how we age.

"We often simply refuse to understand the powerful link between stress, illness and death," Dr. Wanis told The ENQUIRER.

"Dr. Phil has the temperament that would most likely choose to ignore the dangers of stress.

It’s well-documented that people with such type-A personalities have double the risk of coronary heart disease."

Another top expert who reviewed Dr. Phil’s medical history branded him a "ticking time bomb."

"Dr. Phil is under a great deal of stress which can increase your blood pressure, send damaging hormones through the body and place a heavy demand on your heart," declared UCLA cardiologist Dr. Matthew Budoff.

The self-help guru has admitted to having blood sugar issues, a serious condition that can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

But experts say the biggest risk factor for Dr. Phil is that his father, an obese, binge-drinking alcoholic, died at 69 from heart disease. That issue, which Dr. Phil has largely kept hidden from the public – coupled with the tremendous personal and work stresses he’s facing, could doom him to an early grave, the experts agree.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, his wife Robin is anxious to launch her own career, and if she decides to pull the plug on their 33-year marriage, Dr. Phil could face a $200 million divorce battle. 

Over the past year, the ratings for his talk show have plummeted. He remains locked in a cold war with his mentor Oprah Winfrey, and he’s had to fend off a number of lawsuits and embarrassing sexual misconduct allegations.

"There are many days Dr. Phil carries the weight of the world on his shoulders," a source close to him told The ENQUIRER. "It seems like he’s aged 10 years in the past few months. He’s frequently tired and gets winded easily."

Dr. Phil could extend his life span by changing his diet and exercise habits, adopting stress-reduction techniques and resolving his marital conflicts, Dr. Wanis said.