Dolly Parton Dabbled in Frozen Food

Academy of Country Music Awards, Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 07 Mar 2022
John Salangsang/Shutterstock
Savvy singer Dolly Parton is looking to earn some cold hard cash with her very own line of frozen foods!
Encouraged by the popularity of her recently released Dolly-branded ice cream and baking mixes, the 76-year-old country queen plans to continue her supermarket hot streak!
Shoppers can likely expect an offering of “good ol’, home-cooked, Southern-style frozen-ready meals and snacks, reflective of Dolly’s favorite recipes,” an insider spills.
But the hard-working “9 to 5” songbird has assured fans, “I don’t sign any deals that I don’t believe in the product.”
The news follows the tastemaker dishing about how she always wanted to put out a “great rock-’n’-roll album” and admitting she “would not be above” selling her hit-studded music catalog to add to her estimated $650 million fortune!
“Then I would start a whole new publishing company, start over in a few years, sell that, 
too, if I wanted to,” Dolly adds.