‘Dog’ Western Chaps Sam Elliott’s Hide!

Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott

TV cowpoke Sam Elliott unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade at the highly praised Western The Power of the Dog over the flick’s gay themes.

On Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast, the gristly 1883 actor calls the Jane Campion–directed drama a “piece of s**t.” Elliott, 77, huffs Campion’s cowboys are like Chippendale dancers who “wear bow ties and not much else.”

“That’s what all these f***ing cowboys in that movie looked like,” Elliott blasts. “They’re running around in chaps and no shirts. There’s all these allusions of homosexuality throughout the movie.”

The film, which has corralled 12 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, is about a closeted gay man living on a remote Montana ranch.

During the interview, Maron notes “the movie is about” these themes, but that doesn’t rein in Elliott’s mouth.

“[Actor Benedict] Cumberbatch never got out of his f***ing chaps,” Elliott grouses. “He had two pairs of chaps — a woolly pair and a leather pair. And every f***ing time he would walk in from somewhere — he never was on a horse, maybe once — he’d walk into the f***ing house, storm up the f***ing stairs, go lay in his bed in his chaps and play his banjo.”

“It’s like, what the f***?”

Elliott also threw shade at Yellowstone even though he’s starring in the show’s prequel 1883. He claims the show is “just too much like f—king ‘Dallas.’”