BARBRA STREISAND’s “TAKE NO PRISONERS!” attitudinal disorder is pissing off family and friends! What’s not-so-FUNNY GIRL in a lather about?!

Babs has always been a demanding diva, but now she’s going overboard – not only ticking off her family but ruffling the feathers of the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler herself!

Bette, 68, recently finished a two-month run of the hit play “I’ll Eat You Last” on Broadway. Her portrayal of brash Hollywood tal­ent agent Sue Mengers won critical praise and set box-office records at New York’s Booth Theatre.

Now, Bette wants to turn the one-woman show into a film, but there’s a catch: Barbra has secretly been in talks to get the movie rights for herself!

Menger, who died in 2011, was a close friend of the “Funny Girl” star – and the battle over who’ll take the play to the big screen is quickly becoming an all-out war between the two showbiz legends – and neither leading lady is willing to back down.

“Bette consid­ers this play her baby, and if it’s going to be made into a film she feels it should be with her name attached,” said an insider. “But Bar­bra doesn’t care. She wants it and she’s going after it.

“Barbra says she wants to pro­duce, direct and star in this film and she said she won’t take no for an answer.”

Bette is just the latest person to be steamrolled by Barbra in the past few months. Usually, says the insider, it’s her family that feels her wrath.

While they’re well-versed in her demanding ways, the 71-year-old performer has become so “over­bearing and verbally abusive” lately that her loved ones are “fed up and running in the opposite direction.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, her 15-year marriage to James Brolin is on the brink of collapse because of her interference  in his relationship with his troubled son, Josh Brolin.

And Barbra also has struggled with her relationship with her own son. In April 2012, we revealed that she’d turned her back on her only child, Jason Gould, because she didn’t ap­prove of his hard-partying ways. Jason is openly gay and HIV-positive, and Barbra worried his lifestyle was putting his health at risk.

Although the two patched things up, Barbra’s recently ramped up her busybody ways – and Jason has been telling pals he won’t take her calls anymore, says the insider.

“Barbra is a perfectionist – ev­eryone knows that, but lately she’s gotten much worse,” the insider added. “She’s completely alienated a lot of people – and she doesn’t seem to care.”

Now, you can add the Divine Miss M to the ticked-off list.