The Dirtiest Race Ever!

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And they’re off!

The 2016 race for the White House is on – and The National ENQUIRER can reveal political operatives for front-runners Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have already been compiling secret “dirt files” on the opposition!

Democrat Hillary’s explosive dossier on Jeb includes sensational charges that the former Florida governor did drugs, hired hookers and cheated on his wife!

Meanwhile, The ENQUIRER has discovered that Jeb’s Republican team is prepared to resurrect every past Hillary scandal, along with brand-new ones that could torpedo her Oval Office dreams!

Our probe has also revealed that by Election Day, the two sides will have splashed out a combined $500 million in a bid to smear each other’s reputation!

Top political investigator Robert Morrow told The ENQUIRER: “I have equal disdain for Hillary and Jeb. The fact is, the Bushes, and Jeb in particular, are every bit as criminal as the Clintons! This should be one hell of a dirty race!”

Hillary’s ‘dirt file’ on Jeb: Cocaine & cheating scandals! Back in the ’80s, Jeb and his dad, then Vice President George H. W. Bush, were allegedly involved in the drug trade in Florida, according to the book, “Drugging America: A Trojan Horse.”

The book – by former federal agent Rodney Stich – claimed that cocaine deliveries were made to the Veep’s office in Washington, D.C., and drug lords provided prostitutes to both father and son!

That information came from undercover FBI agent Darlene Novinger who spoke to brothers Raymond and William Smatt, who were reportedly major drug smugglers.

Darlene said William told her “how he and his family, particularly he, furnished prostitutes to Jeb Bush and George [Herbert Walker] Bush when they were in Miami, and of the use of cocaine by these individuals and George Bush’s staff in Washington, D.C.”

As proof, Darlene told Rodney that William opened his desk drawer, “showing me personal correspondence from the Vice President, his son [Jeb], photographs and checks.”

In an exclusive interview, author Rodney told The ENQUIRER: “I would suspect Hillary’s people would be going through my book with a fine-toothed comb in order to get the goods on Jeb.

“It contains many highly explosive revelations that the Bushes never dreamed would see the light of day!”

Hillary’s camp also plans to rock 62-year-old Jeb’s world by exposing the sleazy cheating scandals that haunted him as Florida Governor, sources said.

Back in 2001, published reports linked Jeb to Playboy Bunny-turned-lawyer Cynthia Henderson.

Jeb had appointed Cynthia to oversee the state’s business regulations, but she soon drew a number of ethics complaints.

Despite that, Jeb refused to fire her, and simply moved her to a lower-profile government position.

Jeb blasted reports that he and Cynthia were ever an item as an “outright lie.”

His wife, Columba, also reportedly confronted another alleged “other woman,” Secretary of State Katherine Harris, at the Governor’s mansion.

Katherine is famous for making the controversial decision to halt a recount in Palm Beach County, helping Jeb’s brother, George W. Bush, win the White House over then Vice President Al Gore in 2000.

Hillary’s team also plans to spotlight an embarrassing incident in 1999 when Columba was fined $4,100 for falsely declaring $500 worth of goods to U.S.

Customs when she returned from Paris, where she actually made nearly $20,000 in purchases!

Hillary’s “dirt files” also focus on Jeb’s three children, who are “all major screw-ups and have the police reports to back that up,” added a family insider.

Daughter Noelle, now 37, was busted in January 2002 for alleged prescription fraud after she tried to buy the tranquilizer Xanax!

As for 31-year-old Jeb Jr., known as “Jebby,” two security officers at the Tallahassee Mall found him parked in a Jeep Cherokee with an underage female in 2000.

Both were naked from the waist down and engaged in a love-making session, according to a police report!

In 2005, then 21-year-old Jebby was arrested in Texas for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

And on Dec. 31, 1994, now 39-year-old George P. broke into the Miami home of an ex-girlfriend at 4 a.m., according to a Miami-Dade Police Department report.

He avoided arrest when she declined to press charges.

Jeb’s ‘dirt file’ on Hillary: Questionable favors & funny money! Jeb’s mudslingers are already on the attack, sources said, bashing Hillary and her love rat husband, former President Bill, over their greedy grab for “funny money” and demands for fishy favors.

“The Clintons consider themselves above the law, and exploit their apparent Teflon quality, where scandal after scandal simply rolls off their backs,” said a Bush insider. “Both of them brazenly push the envelope in their personal and political dealings far beyond what is right and ethical.”

Republican attack dogs expect to bolster their smear campaign with a new book that pulls back the curtain on the family’s Clinton Foundation.

The book, “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” charges that foreign entities received favors from then Secretary of State Hillary after they either made donations to the foundation or paid Bill exorbitant speaking fees.

One notable example, according to author Peter Schweizer, is a politician in India who gifted the foundation $5 million – a number that amounted to nearly his entire net worth!

The politico, Amar Singh, later told the Times of India “the payment could have been made by someone else” on his behalf.

His comment was taken as a veiled acknowledgement the donor’s true identity was deliberately shielded, and Amar was simply a conduit for the cash.

The book also hinted Bill and Hillary could have been using the foundation’s mountains of cash – it took in about $2 billion from 2001 to 2014 – to line their own pockets, especially since the foundation spent $70 million on travel alone between 2002 and 2013!

Said a Bush insider: “This book presents a mother lode of financial shenanigans! You can bet the Bush camp will scrutinize it, hoping it leads to a money trail of other questionable practices by the Clinton Foundation that it can use to hammer away at Hillary.”

The Jeb team is also investigating dirt that’s already been exposed by The ENQUIRER, including Hillary’s hand in the cover-up of the mysterious shooting death of the couple’s personal attorney, Vince Foster.

Vince’s death on July 20, 1993, was determined to be a suicide, but under suspicious circumstances, since his fingerprints weren’t on the gun and the bullet that killed him was never found!

“For two decades, investigators, authors and media figures have declared that Vince was murdered, and that he was Hillary’s longtime lover,” said a close source. “If Hillary is incriminated in missing evidence in his death, it will stop her from becoming president.”

Jeb’s team will also certainly court Monica Lewinsky in hopes of unearthing any hushed-up details from Bill’s “Zippergate” sex scandal, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Having Monica on the Bush team would be a major coup, especially if they could get her to reveal sex secrets of Hillary’s that Bill might have confided to her,” divulged a source.

The GOP team also plans to focus on 67-year-old Hillary’s medical history, most notably a brain cancer scare after she suffered a concussion due to a fainting spell in December 2012, as The ENQUIRER reported at the time.

Added the source: “Jeb’s people will paint a picture that Hillary won’t survive a term in the White House due to one secret health woe or another, while Jeb is as healthy as a horse.”