DIANA ROSS is on the prowl for a hot young stud!

The 68-year-old Motown diva is eager to jump on the Hollywood cougar craze, insiders say, and she’s recruited her son and daughter to help her hook a hunk.

“Diana has enlisted not only friends and business colleagues, but her kids Evan and Tracee to help her land a hot young man,” said a source.

“Tracee and Evan have a vast network of friends of varying ages, so she’s taken them on board for what she’s calling ‘Operation Cougar Love.’”

The twice-divorced showbiz legend – who rocketed to fame with the ’60s singing group The Supremes – is looking for a beefcake between the ages of 40 and 50.

“Diana is simply not turned on by men her age,” noted the source. “She says they’re not hip and have lost their lust for romance and adventure.

“Her ideal guy is a George Clooney or Alec Baldwin type – a manly man. She’s not necessarily set on someone in the entertainment industry, but Diana does want a wealthy, self-made man capable of catering to her needs.”

Diana divorced 39-year-old Tracee’s father, music business manager Robert Ellis Silberstein, in 1977. She and 23-year-old Evan’s dad, Norwegian billionaire Arne Naess, split in 2000, four years before he perished in a mountain climbing accident.

“Diana is in great shape and as beautiful as ever,” said the source.

“She doesn’t want to waste her golden years by herself. She’s waiting for her knight in shining armor, and she’s hoping that knight is young and buff!”