King of Schamltz STEVEN SPIELBERG to reap more booty from the estate of visionary director STANLEY KUBRICK.

After a lengthy attempt at solving the problem of the Pinocchio-like script, an ill Kubrick handed over his notes, script and preproduction on the classic SF story “Super Toys Last All Summer Long”  to Spielberg that later became the techno-mess known as “A.I.”

But, not content to one post-mortem partnership, Spielberg is at it again!

"I've been developing a Stanley Kubrick screenplay for a miniseries — not for a motion picture — about the life of Napoleon," Spielberg told French TV network Canal Plus.

Kubrick wrote the legendary biopic script in 1961 but ultimately abandoned the Napoleon film in the '70s because of budget and competition from two other high profile Napoleon projects. 

A feud with Anthony Burgess who wrote the novel "A Clockwork Orange” over his book "Napoleon Symphony" with Kubrick didn’t help matters much either as Stanley channeled his research into the period to visually sumptous "Barry Lyndon".

Kubrick died in 1999 shortly after completing the fine cut of “Eyes Wide Shut” which starred Tom Cruise and then-wife Nicole Kidman.

Kubrick who is known for masterpieces “Paths of Glory”, “Lolita”, “Dr. Strangelove”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Barry Lyndon” and  “The Shining” was an Artist.

Often called a hack by his peers, Spielberg remains best known for a remake of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” called “Jaws” and for a rip-off of 1940s film serials featuring Indiana Jones.

Of course, when you’re dead, you’re dead —  and then there’s no accounting for what your heirs will do.