AFTER a split that led to physical violence, JACK WAGNER wants another shot at romance with ex-fiancée HEATHER LOCKLEAR, and sources say she’s giving him the cold shoulder!

“Jack is remorseful about how things got out of hand between them,” a friend told The ENQUIRER.

“He really thought he’d marry Heather, and he believes they can still have their fairytale ending.”

HEATHER, 51, and Jack, 53, played scheming lovers for five years on the prime-time soap “Melrose Place.” Romance bloomed for real in 2007 after she left rocker hubby Richie Sambora and Jack divorced his former “General Hospital” co-star Kristina Malandro.

During their romance, Jack supported Heather as she battled problems with cocaine, painkillers, sleeping pills and liquor, and bouts with anxiety and depression.

They announced their engagement in August 2011, but split three months later – shortly after Jack met his secret 23-year-old daughter.

The actor dropped by Heather’s house to pick up some things after the split, and the two got into a nasty argument. Jack grabbed Heather, and she retaliated with a swing that knocked him down.

“Jack is very ashamed of what happened that day,” said his pal. “The two of them were just in a very bad place. He’s been trying to get back into Heather’s good graces for awhile – but she’s ignoring him.”

Heather just signed on to the TNT series “Franklin & Bash,” while Jack is returning to “General Hospital” to reprise his role as Frisco Jones.

And even though he knows she’s been dating technology honcho Larry Porush, “Jack started calling Heather a few weeks ago,” said a source.

“Jack just won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. He’s seems desperate to kiss and make up. But Heather is playing it cool and making him grovel.”