Demi Lovato’s Big Problem

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Troubled Demi Lovato barely survived a near-fatal overdose three years ago and now worried pals and medical experts fear the “Sorry, Not Sorry” songbird is courting death again after packing on too many pounds!

Demi has put on more than 60 pounds since overdosing, and people are really concerned,” spills a source close to the 29-year-old singer.

Lovato’s alarming past includes an almost fatal 2018 overdose that left the former Disney kid legally blind and brain damaged. In December, Demi proclaimed, and later renounced, being “California sober,” a term that involves occasionally smoking pot and drinking in moderation.

And, as The National ENQUIRER recently reported, Lovato — who announced identifying as non-binary in gender — did another stint in rehab at the end of 2021, which sources close to the singer describe as a “regular tune-up” to keep on the straight and narrow.

Now an insider dishes 5-foot-3 Lovato began “stress eating” as a “coping mechanism” to deal with problems — and blimped up to a whopping 181 pounds.

Demi somehow got the idea that eating was the answer,” reveals the source.

Doctors consulted by The ENQUIRER believe Demi’s staggering weight gain and tragic health history could leave the pop star at risk.

“This kind of weight gain has made Demi a prime candidate for several life-threatening illnesses,” says Dr. Stuart Fischer.

“The normal weight for someone this height is just 115 pounds.”

Fischer says weight gain has become a huge problem during the pandemic.

“The number-one factor that unites people who die from COVID is obesity — and Demi certainly is suffering from that,” explains the doctor, who notes blubber also increases risk for a blood clot in the lungs.

“That is often fatal and comes with no warning.”

Dr. Gabe Mirkin shares Fischer’s concerns, and believes “Demi is suffering from massive abdominal obesity that is likely accompanied by a liver full of fat. This is the most common cause of diabetes, which greatly increases risk for fatal heart attacks and strokes.”

Lovato’s history of drug and alcohol abuse compounds health risks, according to the physicians.

An addiction expert consulted by The ENQUIRER says Lovato needs to get a better grasp on issues that can trigger self-destructive behaviors if the singer wants to navigate safely out of the woods.

Demi needs to work on what’s broken inside and learn to regulate discomfort in healthy ways,” suggests Thomas Gagliano, author of The Problem Was Me.