On her death bed ELIZABETH EDWARDS not only refused to forgive philandering hubby JOHN but made sure he would never marry mistress RIELLE HUNTER!

In her final  act of revenge, Elizabeth worked with her lawyers to amend her will to prevent John from pocketing part of the couple’s $53 million fortune if he marries Rielle or lives with her, said the source.

"She also made sure NONE of the money earmarked for their children ever goes to Rielle’s daughter," the close source divulged.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported in December 2009, Rielle took legal action against the former Senator, asking for nearly $18,000 a month in child support for their love child, Frances Quinn, 2.

"Elizabeth understood John’s responsibility to care for Quinn, but she’s gone to her grave satisfied that the child will never receive any funds intended for their own children," said the source.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth also ensured that neither John nor Rielle can touch the family’s multimillion-dollar 28,200-square-foot mansion on 102 acres in Chapel Hill, said the source.

"Elizabeth specified that John cannot call off the sale and move in Rielle and their daughter. That house, along with the family’s vacation home on Figure Eight Island, is now off-limits to Rielle," the source revealed.

Elizabeth also had her will written so that any major decisions John makes regarding their younger children – Jack, 10, and Emma, 12 – must be approved by their daughter Cate, the source revealed.

The relationship between John and Cate, 28, a Harvard Law School grad, has been strained since his affair with Rielle, said another close source.

"Cate is still upset about how he tore the family apart," the source told The ENQUIRER.

"It’s clear Cate will take to heart her mother’s wishes and make sure Rielle has no control over Jack or Emma."

At Elizabeth’s funeral, Dec. 11 at Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Raleigh,  she was eulogized by her daughter Cate and two close friends.

"John sat up front with their three children, but wasn’t allowed to speak," a friend who attended the service told The ENQUIRER.

"When Elizabeth was eulogized as one of the most loyal people in the world when she loved someone, John dropped his head in shame," the friend divulged.

"He stared straight ahead as the pallbearers escorted the casket to the hearse after the service, and his jaw was tight."

 At the grave site, Edwards broke down, said the source.

"John cried openly," revealed the friend. "After the minister said a prayer, John’s eyes remained closed for a moment longer as he whispered a quiet prayer."

Edwards – who’s still being investigated by a grand jury for using Presidential campaign funds to cover up his affair – is now a broken man, said the source.

"John has lost his political career, and he still faces the possibility of going to jail if he’s indicted," said the source.

"But worst of all, he couldn’t get Elizabeth to forgive him, and that will haunt him for the rest of his life."