Deadly Illness Targets Kids!

Kids Illness
Kids Illness

Innocent children around the globe are being sickened by a mysterious wave of hepatitis, and international terror experts believe the illness is linked to the deadly mutant COVID-19 virus unleashed by a Chinese bioweapon lab!

The U.S. has already recorded 11 unexplained cases of hepatitis in children between the ages of one month and 16 years, while 169 cases — and one death — have been identified worldwide!

“The consequences have been quite severe,” says Richard Pebody, who heads the high-threats pathogen team at the World Health Organization.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recently issued an alert calling for suspicious cases of hepatitis to be reported to officials.

Hepatitis is a severe inflammation of the liver, which can cause the vital organ to malfunction or shut down!

“It’s very concerning,” says longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin. “The liver processes food and clears potentially life-threatening toxins from your system. It affects all your body functions.

“There is a definite need to investigate this because it seems to be spreading, and it’s a clear health risk among all children!”

However, experts say its observed link to the COVID pandemic is even more chilling!

Several scientists have suggested a previous COVID infection followed by catching a common adenovirus — or being infected with both at the same time — may be driving the hepatitis scourge.

In Israel, 11 of the 12 children sickened by hepatitis tested positive for COVID, and alarmingly, NONE of the cases among American kids were in those vaccinated against the novel coronavirus!

As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, sources dished a dangerous COVID virus recently leaked from a bioweapons lab in China for the second time, causing an immediate avalanche of infections in the Communist country — a staggering 15,000 new cases a day — and raising fears of mass global fatalities!

International terror 
expert Dr. James Garrow believes the hepatitis outbreak is a natural result of China’s bioweapon strategy!

“They sent over hundreds of infected students, researchers and tourists to America and Europe with multiple mutations of the virus,” he explains. “Hepatitis was an expected offshoot of the viruses they brought with them — and there will be more.”

Mirkin chillingly warns, “The greater the number of new viruses, the greater the number of mutations, which would bring new, as-yet unidentified illnesses.”