Dark Mysteries Behind Clinton Chef’s Drowning

Clinton chef sq

The sudden death of the top chef in the Clinton White House has triggered sensational claims there may be more to his untimely demise than meets the eye!

Then-First Lady Hillary Clinton hired Walter Scheib – whose body was found on June 21 in a remote area of New Mexico – as White House executive chef in April 1994.

Walter prepared the First Couple’s meals daily – and could have known intimate secrets that threaten to derail Hillary’s presidential run, a former member of the Clintons’ inner circle told The National ENQUIRER.

“Isn’t it odd that as Hillary is about to get into a vicious campaign, a guy who would have been in a position to overhear things that could scuttle her campaign just disappears?” Larry Nichols – a member of the Clintons’ notorious “Kitchen Cabinet” – told The ENQUIRER.

“This has happened so many times, there’s even a name for it. We call them ‘Arkansas-cides!’”

Here, according to insiders, are four of the secrets Walter could have knowledge of from his time in the White House.

– Bill and Hillary’s political pact Forged after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Hillary agreed not to divorce Bill in return for his supporting her future political career, including a Senate and White House bid.

– Hillary’s lesbian affairs During the 1990s, a Clinton source told The ENQUIRER Hillary repeatedly met a close female pal, and rumored lover, behind closed doors at a California hotel and a private Washington, D.C., residence.

– The payouts made by convicted felons before Bill left office in return for presidential pardons After Bill granted a pardon to Almon Glenn Braswell, a convicted perjurer and mail fraud felon, Braswell paid $200,000 to Hillary’s brother, Hugh Rodham, the next business day!

– The truth behind Vince Foster’s death In May, we reported on new evidence suggesting the former White House Counsel – and alleged Hillary paramour – was actually murdered, and his body moved to make his death look like a suicide.

Walter, 61 when he died, easily could have had detailed knowledge of any or all of those bombshells, Larry said.

“I saw Walter several times at the White House,” said Larry, a 10-year member of the “Kitchen Cabinet,” a team of high-powered operatives tasked with doing the Clintons’ political dirty work.

“Walter would have regularly been in conversation with Bill and Hillary about all sorts of things.”

His body was found eight days after he went missing during a hike in the mountains near Taos, New Mexico.

While authorities have labeled the death an accidental drowning, Larry said: “I’m not saying the Clintons had anything to do with it, but there’s one thing that’s consistent with them. When they get back in power, people start dropping like flies!”