DANIELLE STAUB, reality TV’s most controversial star, is in for a huge shock – her lesbian girlfriend is cheating on her, The ENQUIRER has learned.

While the Real Housewives of New Jersey villain boasts she’s in a relationship with pop star Lori Michaels, what she doesn’t know is that Lori is two-timing her with another woman!

The entertainer is dating her sexy back-up dancer Courtney Lynch.

"Danielle is crazy about Lori, but doesn’t know she’s seeing another woman," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

In July, her passion for Lori exploded spectacularly out of the closet during gay festivities in Provincetown, Mass., according to an eyewitness.

"I watched Danielle and Lori at a tea dance at the Boatslip, and I saw them again later at Crown & Anchor’s Paramount club – and they were all over each other," disclosed the source.

"They were holding hands, grinding each other on the dance floor, and putting their arms around each other."

But, according to the insider, Danielle should brace herself for a huge wake-up call when Lori dumps her.

"Lori is a proud, openly gay woman, and the relationship with Danielle is just an amusing sidetrack for her. She’s really with Courtney.

"And if Danielle expects something serious and long-lasting with Lori, she’s going to end up being one heartbroken housewife."

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