Dan Aykroyd Split: What Goes Around, Comes Around!

Dan Aykroyd Shops For Groceries With Wife Donna Dixon

Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd’s split from Donna Dixon is a case of “karma” payback, crows the man who claims the funnyguy ruined his life by shacking up with his wife!

Rick Hawkins has long insisted the 69-year-old “SNL” icon destroyed his marriage to former actress Lisa Aliff.

“What goes around, comes around,” says the 62-year-old former professional boxer and fisherman. “I used to think Dan Aykroyd was really funny on ‘SNL’, but what that lowlife did to me was anything but funny.”

Hawkins married Aliff, a former Miss Virginia, now 61, in 1985 and says she took off for Hollywood to pursue an acting career. But his troubles really began when she filmed the 1987 movie Dragnet with Aykroyd, Hawkins says.

“That was the beginning of the end,” the now-remarried grandfather bitterly recalls.

Hawkins says he got suspicious when he was driving to L.A. from Virginia and couldn’t reach his wife by phone. When he arrived, he discovered she’d been in Canada even though she had told him she was in California.

“Lisa admitted she was having an affair with Aykroyd and they’d traveled in a motor home from Los Angeles to his native Canada, where he had a home,” he says.

Adding financial insult to injury, Hawkins says Aykroyd reversed charges on his calls to Aliff, racking up thousands of dollars in charges, to hide the affair from his own wife, Dixon!

Hawkins tells The National ENQUIRER Aliff bowled him over when she told him she and Aykroyd were in love! He claims she said Dan planned to leave Dixon — also a former Miss Virginia — for her.

“Aykroyd tried to pay me off with a new boat, and rig, and truck, and money, if I would just leave,” says Hawkins. “He would never meet me in person because he was afraid of me.”

Aykroyd called Hawkins’ charge a “flat lie” and “baseless fantasy.” But he and Dixon finally announced they are living separate lives after 40 years of marriage.

Hawkins and Aliff eventually divorced in 1998, and both have remarried. Although Aliff later denied the affair, Hawkins won a custody battle for their son, Langley, who is now 31 and a Virginia SWAT team officer.

Hawkins says he’s moved on, but he still feels a strong resentment for the “entitled Hollywood actor” and believes Dixon is much better off without him.

“He’s a piece of crap,” Hawkins says of The Blues Brothers star. “I don’t know why it took Donna so long to realize it. I feel sorry for her for having to deal with his lies for so long.”

“If I had him in front of me, I’d wring his neck!”