With LARRY HAGMAN gone, “Dallas” execs are try­ing to fill the void by having VICTORIA  PRINCIPAL  reprise her role as Pam Ewing BUT….

“They’ve tried to get Victoria to come back a number of times, but she hasn’t budged,” said a source close to the show. “That’s because she has a multimillion-dollar busi­ness to run in Los Angeles and she wants to stay close to it – and ‘Dallas’ is now filmed entirely in Dallas.”

Victoria, 62, operates a successful skincare line, Principal Secret, and hasn’t appeared on camera in years. But there are signs that the still-gorgeous star may be having a change of heart about returning to the show.

“She hasn’t closed the door entirely,” insisted the source. “The producers have been in talks with her since the new series began. And now that Larry has passed, they’re once again begging her to come back.

“Producers have as­sured her that they would do ANYTHING to work around her schedule.”

Victoria played Pamela, the beautiful first wife of Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) on the original series, which ran from 1978-1991. Victoria left the show in 1987, and it was lat­er revealed to viewers that Pamela was living a secret new life, far away from the ranch, while suffering from a terminal illness.

Bobby Ewing has since remarried and is now bat­tling cancer – but since the writers never officially killed off Victoria’s charac­ter, she’s free to return.

Meanwhile, Victoria re­vealed her admiration for her fallen former co-star Hagman in a statement to The ENQUIRER: “Larry was bigger than life…onscreen and off. He is unforgettable and ir­replaceable to millions of fans around the world and in the hearts of each of us who was lucky enough to know him.”

As for a possible return to Southfork?

“She has no plans to do it at this point,” the source added. “But NEVER say never!”