Cruise Crushing on Angelina Jolie

Tom Cruise at Paris Premiere of Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Restless Tom Cruise is tired of being unattached and is crushing on Angelina Jolie, who has revved his engines forever, spies snitch!

The mooning Mission: Impossible hunk, 59, would like nothing better than to light an eternal flame with the Eternals beauty, 46, according to sources.

“He feels they’d make an excellent match personally and professionally,” tattles the snitch. “They have a lot in common, including doing their own action movie stunts. He thinks they’d make a great pair onscreen — and off!”

Insiders say the two have been trying to get together on camera, but the timing was never right.

“Tom’s giving it another shot. Angelina is the strongest, most beautiful person he’s ever met,” spills a source. “He wants them to team up for an action movie and he’s sending her scripts to pique her interest. These are brazen roles that would require lots of physical work and martial arts.”

Sources say the two were in Costa Rica over New Year’s. Tom was spotted arriving alone, while Angie had sons Maddox, 20, and Pax, 18, in tow.

“For Tom, it was business and pleasure, and knowing the way he operates he would have taken advantage of the opportunity and dropped by to say hello to Angelina,” notes an insider.

As previously reported, Tom has been single since his movie co-star Hayley Atwell dumped him last fall.

“Now he’s ready to pursue a relationship and hopes Angelina is ready too,” tattles an insider.

“He’s not being pushy about it, but anyone who knows Tom knows he doesn’t give up.”