Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan re-unites with wife for the sake of their reportedly troubled son.

Hogan’s 15-year-old son Chance is obsessed with seeming imagery of the dark lord, causing the "Ozzie" 1980s pop icon and his estranged wife Linda to join forces in hopes of corralling him.

The 15-year-old has scrawled the Satanic numbers on t-shirts, paintings and written it across his forehead, sources said, as the troubled teen to fit into any school, having often been on the move because of his celebrity parents, RadarOnline reported.

Hogan, 74, and his estranged wife Linda  56, have led a nomadic life by their own admission, but now admit that may have been bad news for Chance.

Chance has now grown his hair to his shoulders, smokes cigarettes and recently, displayed to friends a cigarette burn on his hand at his school in Santa Monica with pride.

Chance seems fixated with 666 and the upside down cross, insiders said, which has Satanic connotations. 

On a tablet is  etched the Mark of The Beast 666  cryptically next to an inverted cross.

An insider said that Chance has set fires in his bathroom and then tried to eat the flames.

 “No biggie just eating fire #immortal #fireeater,” he wrote via social media.

The insider added, “Paul’s certainly got his hands full with Chance.”

While Paul and Linda are not getting back together they are putting up a united front in an attmept to help Chance.