A NEW cover-up around Elvis Presley’s death has exploded on the eve of The King’s 80th birthday.

The widow of one of Presley’s physicians exclusively told The National ENQUIRER that her late husband, Dr. Elias Ghanem, secretly stored drug “evidence” related to the singer’s 1977 death.

Jody Ghanem, a former showgirl, said her hubby was so sure Elvis was killed by drugs that he stashed 17 bottles of his pills in a safety deposit box in case such “evidence” was ever needed.

When the widow finally opened the box after her husband’s death, “I was amazed (by) the amount of prescriptions given to this man,” Jody said.

The vials include several opiates, including Dilaudid, often dubbed “drugstore heroin,” along with “downers” such as Quaaludes and Valium.

“Elias was very upset that Elvis was taking multiple doses of pills he was getting from different physicians,” Jody said.